scientific comittee and main speakers

Piotr Tomaszewski
piotr tomaszewski

Doctor habil., psycholinguist, assistant professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw. 

He is a co-editor of three joint publications, author of one monograph “Visual Phonology of Polish Sign Language,” as well as many academic articles dedicated to the problems of psychological development of a deaf child, sign linguistics and cultural-social aspects of the deaf community.  

He was a Fulbright Foundation grant recipient at the Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, where he conducted comparative research between Polish Sign Language (PJM) and American Sign Language (ASL).  

Between 2013 and 2016 he was a member of the Polish Council of Sign Language at the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy.  

Currently, he conducts research on the psychological and sociological aspects of d/Deaf community functioning, Deaf culture and PJM structure, linguistic and cognitive development in deaf and hard-of-hearing children, raised under different conditions of linguistic simulation, bimodal/ multimodal bilingualism of signed-spoken and signed-written/ signed-spoken-written type. 

He is the head of Polish Sign Language and Deaf Communication Research Laboratory at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw.

Delfina teachs Catalan Sign Language (LSC), her mother tongue, since 2000. 

She is an adjunct professor at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona and she is been working as a researcher at the LSC Lab for more than 10 years. 

She has also a member of the Center of Studies LSC-UPF Actua. 

Currently, she also participate in 3 projects: the Sign-Hub project, the CEFR-LSC and the LSC Corpus project. She is also the vocal of linguistic policy for LSC at the Catalan Federation for the Deaf.

Her latest article is entitled “The teaching of Catalan Sign Language (LSC) as L1 and L2: Some teaching experiences”.

In the past, she was part of the board of European Network of Sign Language Teachers (ENSLT).

Delfina Aliaga
delfina aliaga
Luigi Lerose
luigi lerose

Luigi Lerose, PhD, is employed at UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) as a BSL and Deaf Studies Lecturer and is currently the president of ENSLT (European Network of Sign Language Teachers) and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA).

In the training field, Luigihas worked with a cohort of teachers on educational programming, highlighting the importance of language teaching (pedagogy) and language training for adults, gaining knowledge of various teaching methods and how to adapt them according to students and their programme of study. 

He also has expertise in the analysis of the levels of knowledge and language competence based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

At UCLan, Luigi teaches a number of modules in connection with the practical application of British Sign Language and Deaf Culture. He also teaches part of the Post Graduate Diploma in British Sign Language/English Interpreting and Translation.

Luigi has published several articles and DVDs (EdizioniDeafMedia, 2006 and 2009) regarding linguistic searches, interpretation and LIS didactic activities, and more recently, a book about LIS Phonology (LibellulaEdizioni) and a DVD about Austrian Sign Language (OGS).

MA in Education, graduate of postgraduate studies in Polish Sign Language
at the University of Warsaw. 

PJM teacher and boarding tutor at Jan Siestrzyński’s School and Educational Center in Warsaw. 

Interpreter and Polish Sign Language Lector. 

Member of the Association of Polish Sign Language Interpreters.

Vice President of the Institute of the History of the Deaf “Surdus Historicus”.

Interested in Polish Sign Language. 

Speaker in, and participant of various Deaf centered events.

natalia Rudkiewicz
Radouane Sahsah
radouane sahsah

Radouane would like to present a need-oriented teaching topic that specifically concerns the teaching of sign language as first language for deaf people.

First of all, he would like to introduce myself: his name is Radouane Sahsah. With a 20 years of sign language teaching experience (deaf and hearing adult students).

Radouane teachs sign language in all areas (deaf, hearing, interpreting, etc. students). He hope to share his experiences with you.