Lesico online Conference, 03-05.08.2021!


The main theme will be “L1 or L2”, that encompasses such topics as: what is the best way to teach people with hearing impairment, CI’s, or even deaf; what are the differences in teaching sign language as L1 and L2 (also including research on how it affects the brain hemispheres); how the learning/teaching process of sign language proceeds. We will hear a lecture from an experienced sign language teacher/psychologist, who will share his views on sign language acquiring. There will be a place for discussion with experienced teachers, about adjusting learning material to fit a specific group of students. Participants will also be able to inquire researchers and teachers about selected methods of teaching foreign languages. All of the above are planned with the sole intention of professionalizing the craft of a sign language teacher.

The Polish community was overwhelmed with joy, when hearing the news from Basel, that Poland was chosen to host the next, fourth Lesico conference! We, the Center for Polish Sign Language, are very pleased that we and our fellow compatriots have been bestowed with such an honor. The Center is proud and delighted to uphold the ideas associated with Lesico. The Conference began in Prague in 2013, and then continued in Paris in 2015, and Basel in 2017.

Through its history, Lesico enjoyed a great interest from the international community, which leads us to think, that this idea needs continuation. It is also very important to uphold the idea of constantly raising the level of teaching sign language both as L1 and L2. Except ProSign, there is no other conference like Lesico in Europe. So the fact that Poland is hosting the next Lesico, truly honors us.

Over the last dozen or so years, Europe has seen the emergence of several hundred sign language teaching centers. If we truly want teaching sign language to be professional and on the highest level, we (teachers, scientists, trainers, linguists, etc.) must constantly meet, and together work out all the aspects of teaching sign language- like creating learning materials (basic and additional), exchanging good practices, and sharing our practical knowledge, taken from all those hours spent in class-rooms. 

The theme of “L1 or L2”, that we proposed in Basel, happened to raise much excitement and interest among participants. We, the Center, feel that this question is important for both teachers and Deaf themselves, in the context of organizing every aspect of sign language teaching, and thus will allow us to progress and make our work even more professional in the future.

                                                                                                                                                               Coordinators Lesico
                                                                                                                                                                  Marcin Łuczywek
                                                                                                                                                                Damian Rzeźniczak

The programme will be published 01.08.2021

Lesico 1 - Praha, 2013

The 1st edition was organized together by several Czech organizations, under the supervision of the Center for Sign Language Pevnost. The Conference was held in Prague, on 18-20.10.2013, with 180 people from Europe.

Lesico 2 - Paris, 2015

The 2nd edition was organized by Visuel LSF – France, due to them winning the voting in
Lesico 1. The Conference took place on
16-17.10.2015. With 250 people from around the world.

Lesico 3 - Basel, 2017

The 3rd edition was organized by the team effort of two teacher’s associations ASRLFS and BGA. Lesico 3 took place in 13-15.10.2017.  The Conference and Workshops was attended by over 180 people. This is also when we got Lesico 4.